All Work and All Play Brings Joy to Charlie and His Assistant

Charlie_KarenDisneylandAll work and no play makes Charlie a dull boy, which is why, after all the amazing work of sharing with interested investors at the Orlando MoneyShow in Florida, he treated his assistant to a day at Universal Studios and Disneyland. Since she had never been to either place, it was a special opportunity. This is one of the type of things that makes working with Charles Boyd so worthwhile. He is consistently surprising people, being of service and doing so graciously, giving all the credit to the Creator. The true joy he gets in giving back to others is infectious.

Charlie_Karen_DisneylandKaren, his hard working, trusted assistant at The Costa Rica Team was thrilled by the opportunity to share her love for her country with investors interested in the Cielo Vista project. She also enjoyed the bonus of a visit to Universal and Disneyland. When she described to me her excitement at the rides, the shows and the Electric Light Parade, it made me think of my own feelings the first time I saw a scarlet macaw flying overhead. That excitement and awe of something completely new is the gift we receive when we enjoy different countries and new experiences.

Both Charles and Karen were able to share with so many savvy investors at the Orlando MoneyShow. The growing excitement for Cielo Vista’s one of a kind investment, based on a debt-free $150 million development project that is secured by tangible real estate is being felt as more and more North American’s are booking their tickets to come see for themselves what The Costa Rica Team has to offer.

We are so happy to share this opportunity with everyone and look forward to welcoming you into our team, today!

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