Charles Boyd Connects with Bob and Linda in Phoenix, Az and Costa Rica

Charles Boyd has an innate ability to connect with others. He looks for ways he can share his passion for Costa Rica with them. It is a natural reaction to be skeptical to this kind of open enthusiasm. Bob and Linda Simon were naturally skeptical when they learned they had won an all inclusive trip to Costa Rica at Phoenix Financial Fest. The Costa Rica Team had presented investment opportunities in Costa Rica at Financial Fest.Bob_Linda_Guide

Once Bob and Linda had an opportunity to spend some quality time with Charles, that connectedness put their mind at ease. The heartfelt faith that permeates all Charles does, was shared instantly with Bob. God works miracles in ways that are surprising, even to the most faithful of believers. We don’t always understand the reason we are being led somewhere or to do something. Investing in the Cielo Vista community and in the youth of this community is an amazing reason.

Charles naturally attracts friendly, kind and helpful people. Everyone involved in The Costa Rica Team and the Cielo Vista project abundantly share those qualities. It was no wonder Bob and Linda feel like family and are looking forward to their next trip.

Bob_Linda_BoatMany people like Linda, are nervous about traveling internationally. You may not realize how safe it is to travel to Costa Rica.  You may not realize that there are communities of genuine, caring people who do their best to communicate with you, regardless of the language barrier. You may not realize that you can find shared values with people who live in a different country and share the same God. That is what Bob and Linda found when they met Charles Boyd and his Team.

When I asked Bob and Linda what was the one thing they would want to share with their friends and family about their visit to Costa Rica, they both said the same thing…Pura Vida! We do live a pure life here. A pure life with beautiful, warm, loving people in a beautiful country.

If you never thought Costa Rica would be a great place to vacation, now is the time to visit. Find out what people are talking about when they say Costa Rica is, “The happiest place in the world.” Charlie Boyd would be more than happy to share this beautiful country with you, just like he shared it with Linda and Bob, the newest members of our Cielo Vista family.

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