Costa Rica Charlie and The Costa Rica Team

Charles Boyd: Costa Rica Charlie

Charles Boyd, AKA Costa Rica Charlie is the online home of Charles Boyd, CEO and Director of Sales and Marketing of The Costa Rica Team.

“Costa Rica Charlie”, to those who know him in Costa Rica, operates The Costa Rica Team from the beautiful Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, where they represent major Costa Rica real estate projects, including the magnificent Cielo Vista development.

Charles Boyd first fell in love with Costa Rica on a visit more than 20 years ago, and within just a few years he had made Costa Rica his permanent home. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people—mostly from the United States and Canada—do business in the Latin American paradise that he calls home.

California Roots

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Charles Boyd found that he had a knack for discovering and managing talent, which he spent the early part of his career doing in Minnesota prior to relocating to Costa Rica. Once in Costa Rica, Charles began serving the needs of North American investors and others who were looking to do business in the thriving Costa Rican economy. Before settling into the real estate development and property sales business, Charles functioned as a business liaison, helping North Americans with corporations, trusts and banking solutions. Later, he established a law firm, in order to provide his clients with the faster levels of service they had come to expect in the US and Canada.

A Penchant To Serve

With so many clients purchasing property, Charles found that there was a great need for someone who understood their needs and wants to work on the ground in Costa Rica to help them make the most of the opportunities afforded by the land boom. Gathering some investors, Charles purchased a parcel, which he subsequently developed into a very successful project. Within 6 months, he had sold all 40 lots. This led to him taking on a much larger development project consisting of over 300 lots and home sites on over 1500 acres. Within a year and a half, this project too was completely sold out.

With these successes, Charles firmly established his reputation within Costa Rica as someone who could successfully create the real estate development projects that Canadian and US investors would be interested in.

 The Costa Rica Team

In 2010, Charles Boyd established The Costa Rica Team to facilitate to develop and market Costa Rica real estate projects throughout the US and Canada. With both American citizens and native Costa Ricans, The Costa Rica Team is committed to successfully helping clients who are looking for investment property, vacation homes, retirement homes and more. Based on the Pacific Coast, the team members know first-hand the Pura Vida lifestyle and the many benefits of living in Costa Rica.

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