Charles Boyd Enjoys Basketball with the Support Jaco Youth Kids at Jaco’s Epicentro

Charles enjoys bringing the kids from Support Jaco Youth to play basketball and skate at the Epicentro Por La Paz de Garabito in Jaco, Costa Rica. This multi-center was created as a government project to give the community and youth of Jaco a safe and productive place to enjoy sports, participate in community events and take classes.  The full court for basketball gives the team the ability to practice for games. The skatepark has various jumps, ramps and a half pipe for kids and adults alike to skate. Whatever your skating level you will find others having fun. Murals, painted by local artists decorate the walls of the multi-center, Epicentro.

Having a multi-center that fosters a safe, central location for the youth of Jaco to meet is such a benefit to the entire community. When kids have positive, fun activities to participate in they are much less likely to look to destructive means to keep themselves occupied. We at The Costa Rica Team believe positive peer pressure between kids themselves can create an environment where children bloom.

Epicentro_SupportJacoYouth_SkateWe are grateful that in addition to basketball and skating, the multi-center offers classes in art, dance, karate and English to name just a few of the options for kids. Regularly scheduled community events are also organized through the Epicentro. One example of this was the recent parade for Costa Rica’s Independence Day, where many of the youth of Jaco participated.

We hope you too, will become active in supporting this amazing community project. Whether by bringing your kids to interact with others through regularly scheduled activities or when passing by and joining in on a pick up game on the basketball court. The Epicentro will continue to thrive when locals are actively participating in what it has to offer.

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