Charles Boyd Invests in the Community with Support Jaco Youth Basketball

The Support Jaco Youth Basketball team will begin this years season March 14th at 5pm at the Jaco Multi-Uso, municipal community center. Charles Boyd announced the opening of the season on Friday. The team and coach are excited to get back onto the court.  All our players are part of the Support Jaco Youth foundation, which provides the team members with their uniforms, equipment and any transportation for out of town games. Last year, a few players really had some incredible growth in their skills, so Charles is looking forward to seeing how the team will continue to do this year.

SJY Basketball helps kids learn real life skillsSportsmanship is a key lesson learned when participating in team sports. The comradery and support amongst team members, respect for their opponents and a sense of fair play is invaluable on and off the court. The youth that are part of a team have a better chance of continuing down a positive life path. Everyone that volunteers and donates to Support Jaco Youth is helping to give these kids a better chance. Charles’ leadership both on and off the court has made a difference in these kids growth as basketball players and as productive members of the community. Investing in Costa Rica’s community is what Charles is known for.

We hope everyone will continue to support our team by coming out to enjoy a game. The 2016 season should be a blessed one!

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