Charles Thanks Support Jaco Youth Volunteers for Participating in Beach Cleanup

Charles would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in last Fridays beach clean up in Herradura. He expressed his gratitude that so many in the community were willing to give of their valuable time and energy. All of the Support Jaco Youth activities kindle a spirit of mindfulness towards each other and our planet. When we truly value the life giving waters our Creator pours upon us, then we will try our best as stewards of this planet, to keep the oceans clean.

SupportJacoYouthBeachCleanupThe Support Jaco Youth volunteers worked diligently to pick up debris from the Herradura Bay. This semi-impromptu beach clean up was organized, after a visit Charles made to the area, the day prior. He saw that there was a need and an opportunity to be of service in the community and he jumped to take full advantage of that opportunity. This is not surprising to those of us who know Charles and appreciate his passion for helping out in the community.

BeachCleanupSupportJacoYouthThe youth of Jaco also learned a valuable lesson by volunteering in whatever capacity is needed in the moment. When we walk through our day with an open heart, allowing Our Creator to lead us to be of best service to our fellow man and this beautiful planet we have been gifted with, we will be amazed at the opportunities to do good in our community, that can present themselves. We invite you to come visit our volunteers at the Servicentro in the center of Jaco and have your car washed to help support the positive work that is being done by Support Jaco Youth.

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