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Ed Mercer

Costa Rica Charlie-Charles Boyd and Ed Mercer:  We all have someone in our lives who changes our lives in a way from which inspiration and motivation moves one toward the height of their possibilities.  Ed Mercer is one of those people for me and for anyone fortunate enough to meet him.  Ed set a goal early in life to leave everyone and everything in a better state than when he found them.  This is the success of Ed Mercer’s life.

I have been lucky enough to share many endearing moments, many inspiring moments and many mountain moving moments with the support of Ed.

Ed and his wife explored Costa Rica on a visit in 1987 for an Iron Man competition.  Ed said of Costa Rica, “I don’t know if I’ll get to Heaven; but, I think I can touch it from here.”  He and his wife fell in love with the country, the weather and the “happy” people there.  Ed especially loved the animal species and recognized the endangered state of the Scarlet Macaw, the sea turtles, and the monkeys, just to name a few problems.

Ed leased the island of Garza for 99 years planting 5000 or more almond and apple trees, and assorted plants which aided the life of the Macaw, the monkeys and other species.  In 2008, he was inducted into the Environmental Hall of Fame for these efforts and the title of “Mr Costa Rica”.

Costa Rica became his home and he fashioned his world into a tropical neighborhood, having employed over 500 people building roads, water plants, hospitals and bridges.  He is the one of the largest land developers in Costa Rica; a market which has recognized 30% growth each year since 1998.  He and his wife put much of the money back into Costa Rica.

This real estate entrepreneur has spoken all over the world and touched the hand of over 140 other world speakers.  But Ed does not talk of himself and real estate growth; instead he talks about who it is he is meeting.  He is expansive and places value on the other person in an inspiring way making it an honor to be in his presence.

Ed Mercer is a man of God.  He came to my aid at a time in my life when I was prepared to move in the direction of his prompting.  Ed taught me much about edifying those around me and living up to my potential.  Most of all, he taught me to value all people along the way.  He gave me unbelievable opportunities within his organization.  As I continue to grow my company; I have been able to use the many tools he gave me.

The world is blessed to have Ed in it.  May he be around many more decades; and God willing, may YOU have the opportunity to be with Ed someday soon in your future.  Thank you, Ed.

By, Charles Boyd, Costa Rica Charlie


Ed said of Charles: Charles is a man of Integrity who always delivers on his promise.  Charles sometimes works 20 hours a day to get the work done.  He is a man of God and an excellent husband and father.  Ed said that he has met many famous people and considered the value of each.  He looked to find his replacement in someone who could carry on his desire to make a difference on the planet.  Ed said, “Charles is a person of value and the man I want to continue my legacy.”….Ed Mercer

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