Excitement Builds as The Support Jaco Youth Basketball Season Begins Soon

The kids are getting excited for the opening of the new basketball season, March 14th. There will be two teams, one for kids 12 and under, in addition to another for kids 13 and over. The Support Jaco Youth teams will be playing in a league with players from eight different teams around the country. If you would like to support our basketball teams, we invite you to the Jaco Multi-Uso, municipal community center, every Sunday from 5 to 7pm. Charlie Boyd has confirmed that he will continue to be the primary coach for the Support Jaco Youth team.

Charles_SupportJacoYouth_YoungMenThe kids had a great season last year and we invite parents and fans alike to continue to support our team. With continued dedication, practice and community support Charles is certain we will have an even better season this year. He would like to thank the kids and their families for continuing to bless him with the opportunity to share something that he loves, basketball, with the youth of Jaco. Being part of a basketball team made an impression on Charlie when he was young and he hopes that being part of this team will have the same effects on the youth here in Jaco, Costa Rica.

We look forward to seeing everyone March 14th. We hope our players are ready to make this season the best possible. We give gratitude to our Creator for the ability to bring this fun and camaraderie to the community of Jaco.

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