Semana Santa In Full Swing

Here in the community of Playa Jacò the sights and sounds of Semana Santa are evident in our bustling, busy beach town.  Traffic has increased dramatically. This  is evident in the amount of cars driving by in a steady procession on the town`s  main street “Avenida Pastor Diaz.” throughout the day,

Tourists and visiting residents are flocking to the popular beach. Surfers of all levels pack the surf breaks while children play in the shoreline and families settle in the shade for a full day of food, drink and relaxation. Amidst all of the business and noise of Easter Week in Playa Jacò and other popular beach destinations, you can find  signs of the religious meaning of the season. Costa Rica continues to be a predominantly Catholic nation and many Costa Ricans still honor the traditions of their faith which they have been practicing since childhood.

Catholic Traditons 

Karen Meijas, Assistant to Charles Boyd,  grew up in the Catholic faith. She has been practicing that faith and its traditions since she was a young girl growing up in Heredia, Costa Rica. Karen participated in the Via Crucis procession last night in Playa Jacò, which honors the fourteen Stations of the Cross, as she does every year. The Parroquia Inmaculada Concepciòn de Jacò, or the Immaculate Conception Parish of Jacò, is the name of the Catholic church here in Jacò. The staff  organizes the processions and constructs representations of the fourteen stations. Karen estimates that last night more than one hundred and fifty people participated in the Via Crucis. The procession weaved its way through town, making stops at each station to reflect on its meaning.  Other Via Crucis processions were simultaneously taking places in towns throughout the nation.

The Support Jaco Youth Car Wash will be open to serve you through Saturday

Holy Thursday and Good Friday are nationally recognized as “days off” in Costa Rica. While many businesses which cater to the tourist industry choose to stay open, many smaller businesses close for a long weekend. It is well known to be the busiest week of the year. Many restaurants, hotels and shop owners depend on the flow of tourists to their places of business to help compensate for slower times of the year.

Be Blessed

Charles Boyd and The Costa Rica Team would like to wish everyone a very safe Semana Santa. Charles would like to remind everyone who is here on holiday not to drink and drive. Our  “Support Jacò Youth” Car Wash, will be open throughout Saturday if you´d like to stop by to have your car cleaned or just to say hello. You will be greeted with a smile.

However you are choosing to spend the remaining days of Semana Santa,  we wish you an enjoyable and blessed time.

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