Support Jaco Youth Basketball is about Learning Real Life Skills

Most of the kids that participate in the Support Jaco Youth program also play on the basketball team. It came to Charles attention that some of the older players were behind in their educational pursuits. In discussing the importance of doing your best, it became apparent that this philosophy needed to be implemented off the court, as well as on. The skills kids learn practicing a sport are really about life. Some principles that come to mind are teamwork, integrity, responsibility, discipline and perseverance.

SJY Basketball helps kids learn real life skillsOne of Charles’ players could barely bounce a basketball when he began with the team a year ago. Just the other night, during a pick up game, he played with the adult team and dominated on the court. His self confidence has grown not only in basketball but in all areas of his life. As part of the Support Jaco Youth program this young man has learned that by continuous practice and hard work, he can learn something new and excel at it, if he continues to do the daily work.  This has also manifested in his educational life as well.

Once again, this coincides with the philosophy Charles is sharing with these youths. Having someone who believes in them and holds them accountable, creates a fertile space for these young men to grow to do positive things within this community. Having self esteem, feeling valued and learning to see their own value, is adding to the betterment of all of Jaco. It is amazing what our Creator can do when we have just an ounce of willingness to better our lives. We hope you have the courage to trust in the power of the Creator to support you in learning something new today.

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