Support Jaco Youth Donates to Local Sports Games, Garabito Juegos Cantonales

Support Jaco Youth was happy to be able to make a significant donation to the Comite de Deportiva Garabito (Sports Committee) for the Juegos Cantanales (Canton Games) that occurred over this past weekend in the Multicentro near the Municipality.  This annual community event showcases sports of all kinds. The kids always enjoy soccer the most, with both indoor and outdoor soccer being played. Boxing, tae kwon do, and zumba were also available for the youth of Jaco to participate in.  Support Jaco Youth not only organizes our own events but we regularly donate and participate in the varying events held in the community that support a safe and healthy environment for the local kids.

JuegosCantonales_FutbolNinasIt is always a blessing to see the community come together and promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. The long term benefits of participating in sports are numerous. Keeping kids engaged in fun, group activities provides a sense of camaraderie with healthy competition. Kids that are active members of sports teams and practice sports regularly are less likely to be negatively influenced as they grow up. We all have a responsibility to keep our children growing in a positive environment and Charles is so grateful to see the municipality of Garabito, where he lives, is also dedicated to this effort.

JuegosCantonales_ChicosWith the growth of Jaco, there are so many kids that need our support and assistance and Support Jaco Youth can’t reach them all. That is why we are always willing to go the extra mile to be a part of all community events that enrich our lives and the lives of the youth of Garabito. It is Charles’ hope that everyone enjoyed the Games and welcomes all the youth of Jaco to come out and play basketball any time with our team. Look to the Support Jaco Youth Facebook page for announcements about practice and games.

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