Support Jaco Youth Grateful to Focus its Efforts this Year

SSupportJacoYouthServicentroupport Jaco Youth focused a considerable amount of its efforts this year to working directly with a few teens that were in need of extra help to ensure their success in life. By engaging one on one with this smaller group, Charles was able to focus on guidance, mentorship, tutoring and vocational training for these young men. Many that participate in the Support Jaco Youth basketball team have supportive families that provide these life skills, that teach their children the value of hard work and personal responsibility. Not all the team members are so fortunate and so it became clear that making time for these kids needed to be a priority for this year.  Many of them are at the age that they might move into adulthood without the necessary education and skills to be productive members of society and it was important to give them their best chance at success.

Even if we only help change the life of just one child, then the effort and the support is worth the time, energy and resources. You never know how influencing a youth can extend into the lives of many others around them as they continue in adulthood. We appreciate all who have participated this past year to make this possible. We appreciate the youth that have shown up to do the work and we continue to bless those that still need assistance. This is a work that is continuous and we invite everyone in the community to become interested in helping the youth of Jaco in whatever way you can. Sometimes all that is needed is a smile and an acknowledgement of their presence that can make all the difference. Listen to children and let them know that they are important too.

Charles and The Support Jaco Youth Volunteers wish everyone a Happy New Year and we look forward to making a difference in the lives of the youth of Jaco in 2016. If you are looking to invest in Costa Rica, you can invest in our community and our youth. Become a part of the pacific central coast family and support the youth here.

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