Support Jaco Youth Launches New Fitness Center

On Saturday, April 14th, Charles Boyd, a.k.a. “Costa Rica Charlie” and CEO of  The Costa Rica Team, orchestrated the grand opening of Support Jaco Youth’s long awaited fitness center. The renovation of the former Servicentro/Carwash into a multi-use gym has been the result of a lot of hard work and vision. You can now find top of the line coaches and equipment for boxing, jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts training right in the center of town. The new addition to the Jaco community expects to draw fans already committed to these disciplines along with people of all ages who would like to learn.

From left to right, Jose Cordero, Jay Manzanares, Allan and Alejandro Vacca, Emanuel, and Charles Boyd

The new center includes spaces for crosstraining, jiu jitsu, boxing, and basketball

Charles is pleased to team up with Catharsis Elite Fitness of Heredia in this new venture for fitness gurus in our own and surrounding communities. It will also provide local youth with a supportive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle, something that is very close to Charles’ heart. Trainers and staff were on hand from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday to give expositions of crossfit training, boxing, and jiu jitsu. “It’s an important moment for the Jaco community to have a gym of this quality that offers an excellent option for the youth,” Jose Cordero, one of the staff members of Catharsis Elite, affirmed.

Sydney Machado, second row, center from left, has been practicing jiu jitsu since 1993 and coaching since 2002

Jay Manzares, owner of Catharsis, will be giving crossfit and functional training classes at the Support Jaco Youth Fitness Center. Originally from Washington State, Jay has been in Costa Rica for seven years. He has 4 years crossfit training to his credit and one year jiu jitsu training.  “I’m excited to have this opportunity to work with Charles and be able to offer different activities for the kids, to provide a place for them to come to, maybe after school, and stay out of trouble. You don’t see these kind of things in Jaco. I haven’t seen anything like it. If you don’t have places like this for kids, they get lost.”

“Jeanca” Saenz, SJY student member since 2014

Melissa Guzman and local Jairo Viquez Salas enjoyed competing in the crossfit challenge. Jairo looks forward to consistent training at the new gym.

Mario Lopez has worked with Charles for ten years. He manages the SJY staff. With daughter, Magdalena.

The Support Jaco Youth Fitness Center will be open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m to 11 p.m and on Saturday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will be closed on Sundays. If you are interested in boxing, jiu jitsu, and crossfit classes with instructors, please stop by or call 2643 – 6301 for the schedules. Private classes are also available.  Charles would like to say thank you to everyone who has shown support and a big ups to those who came out to join the fun on Saturday. He is excited to see how the future enfolds for this new project and gives a hearty welcome to the staff at Catharsis Elite Fitness.

Jesse Jimenez, James Buendia, and Vanessa Mora of The Costa Rica Team serve up hot dogs, hamburgers and iced tea with smiles.

Johan Perez, Vivian Wolf of CRT, and Jonathan Osorio. Jonathan has been practicing boxing for ten years and will be one of the new coaches. 

“Charles has a good heart, I learn a lot from him. I kind of look at him as an older brother. We have a good working relationship. We are transparent with each other. He tells it how it is. ” Jay Manzares, Catharsis Elite Fitness 

All photos by Kate Hanley and Vanessa Mora

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