Support Jaco Youth Servicentro Volunteers Acquiring Life Skills

Charles is happy to see the skills that the Support Jaco Youth Servicentro volunteers are acquiring with the work they are doing. The most basic skill is a sense of responsibility and accountability. The young men are scheduled to begin work at 8am. Some of their duties include prepping all of the car washing equipment, cleaning and maintaining the property grounds, taking inventory of the eco-friendly products used and cleaning clients cars when there are customers.

SupportJacoYouthServicentroVolunteersThey work on a rotating shift so that there is always sufficient staff to run the Servicentro, while the remaining youths are being tutored. This volunteer-educational exchange gives these boys the best of both worlds. They are learning skills that will allow them obtain jobs in the future, as well as getting help to continue their education. The supervisor, Manuel, ensures that the volunteers are taking care of their duties and manages the business side of the operation.

When the regular duties have been completed and if there are no clients to care for, the young men have access to the internet, play basketball or ping-pong. All work and no play, makes these kids dull boys and Charles always wants to ensure that they are living a balanced life so he regularly takes the kids to the beach. By alternating the group, the Servicentro stays open while half the group goes and takes the jet-ski out, plays a game of “futbol” on the beach, surfs or just plays in the water. If you want to help us continue to support these young men in their growth contact Support Jaco Youth to donate your time, energy or funds. Be blessed.

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